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Computer Repair in Boise

So much of our daily lives in the 21st Century depend on computers that it can feel like life or death when our PCs stop working correctly. In moments of stress when you need your computer to work, Computer Central is ready to take your call at (208) 938-6300 and begin a computer troubleshooting process, make a diagnosis, and carry out essential repairs.

Some problems have a quick fix; a phone call to a Computer Central employee is all you need to walk you through the process. Other problems require replacing hardware or completing complex software procedures to get your computer back to work. Whatever the case, Computer Central can handle it.

Why Use A Professional Troubleshooter?

Search engines are everyone’s best friend...until you run into a subject with a lot of information mixed with a lot of misinformation. In those cases, if you don’t have experience, deciphering useful details is very difficult, if not impossible. 
By hiring a professional troubleshooter, you know this person is not going to waste your time and money wading through unnecessary searches to get to the heart of common network, laptop, and desktop computer problems. They know where to start, from the start. Computer Central has enough experience conducting these processes that we have several pre-priced packages for troubleshooting and repair.

Service and Repair Packages

Standard Computer Repair Service (Hourly Bench Rate)
Hourly bench rate
System Build Service
This covers the installation for components purchased through Computer Central OR with components purchased elsewhere (BYOP - Bring You Own Parts). More advanced system builds may incur additional labor costs, i.e. systems with numerous RGB fans or atypical designs.
Hardware Testing Service
Full computer hardware diagnostic testing. We will perform individual component tests to isolate the failure point(s). A proverbial look under the hood, so to speak.
Laptop Power Jack Replacement
This covers the parts and labor to replace a laptop charging supply port. This is often a much cheaper solution to a misunderstood or misdiagnosed problem that many people think is a failing laptop battery or power supply, but is actually a failing port.
Data Transfer Service
Did you get a new PC? We can transfer all of your personal data (including pictures, documents, and other files) from your old computer to the new one. * Transferring programs is not included in this service - programs may be transferred on a case-by-case basis depending on the program.
Operating System (OS) Installation
Sometimes a complete reinstallation of Windows is needed to fix issues. We will install or reinstall Windows as well as the necessary drivers for hardware. * Windows licenses sold separately.
Password Removal
For Windows-based PCs only. Are you locked out of your laptop or desktop, can't remember your password or PIN? We can help reset your login password in almost every situation.

A WORD from a Satisfied Customer

 “Ian is a pleasure to do business with.  He is helpful, informative, and very professional and answers questions very well. Overall Computer Central's customer service is exceptional.  Highly recommend.”

- Matt H.
If you don’t see your problem or solution mentioned here, don’t worry. Computer Central is still prepared to cover troubleshooting of all kinds and can make appropriate repairs and recommendations as needed. Call (208) 938-6300 and contact us to skip the frustrating troubleshooting and skip straight to a well-functioning computer. We happily serve businesses and individuals throughout the Boise, ID, area.
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