Computer Repair & Management Services

  • PC Technical Support

  • PC Repair / Troubleshooting

  • PC Setup / Installation

  • PC Training / Tutoring

  • System Security Testing

  • Wired / Wireless Networking

  • Hardware Upgrades / Installation

  • Software Upgrades / Installation

  • Operating System Updates

  • Anti-Virus Installation / Virus Removal

  • Motherboard Replacement

  • Memory Upgrades


Full Service Repairs - $119


Getting a full service at computer central is a conveniently flat fee of $119. A full service entails full virus scans and removal, hardware testing, and general PC tune up.


Hardware Testing Service - $65


You may need to get your hardware tested when your computer doesn’t turn on or keeps shutting off. If you are fairly certain it is not a virus issue or a software issue we can test all the hardware and tell you if any of it is not working.


Data Recovery Service - $145


Data recovery may be necessary when you can’t access a drive, as long as the hard drive is spinning there is a chance we can recover data from it.


Data Backup Service - $50


Always create a backup of your data, it’s necessary to do this in case a hard drive goes bad or you accidentally lose some of it. Having a hard copy is a sure fire way to make sure your work is not interrupted!


Laptop Screen Replacement - $135 (Typically includes the cost of the screen)


If you crack your laptop screen or it just stops working, consider replacing it. We make sure to get the exact screen for your laptop and replace it within days of receiving the part.


Laptop A/C Jack - $135

On-Site Repairs - $125


We come to your doorstep to fix whatever computer-related problems you have!


Custom Builds

Computers & Servers

Rush Fee - $50

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