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Home and Business Tech Support Service Center in Boise, ID

Whether you own a small business or are just an individual in the Boise area looking for a reliable source for technical support, Computer Central is ready to work with you.

Technical Support for Businesses

As a small business ourselves, we would love to work with other ventures in the Treasure Valley to build a culture of business-to-business support in our community. If your company needs expert help on a regular basis regarding computer setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair services, Computer Central can be your first call. We help with:
  • Routine Maintenance. For more details about why routine computer maintenance is important, click here.
  • Creating the best computer network options for your line of work. Keep all of your employees connected.
  • Industry-specific computer systems. We have a firm background in 20+ years of building custom-made PCs. Click here to see more about our custom computer systems.
  • Data backup and recovery solutions. See more about our data backup and recovery services by clicking here.
  • PC hardware (RAM memory, etc.) and software upgrades.

Essentially, Computer Central is ready to support whatever technical requirements you have. You can learn more about all of the ways we can help on our Services page.

Individual Technical Support

Technical support for individuals tends to be more straightforward than for businesses. We happily offer to individuals any of the services we offer to businesses, but typically, individuals just need to know they have someone they can call when their computer isn’t working, and it’s a terrific bonus when that person is local and can even provide on-site pc repairs and maintenance.

At Computer Central, we are that “someone”. Call us at (208) 938-6300 with your questions, or stop by our Boise Tech Mall location (1550 S Cloverdale, Boise, ID 83709) to show us exactly what you need. We’re here--in person--to help.
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Technical support isn’t supposed to be frustrating. It’s in the name itself; it’s intended to support technology users. Call or otherwise contact us today so we can start supporting you and your company. We want to assist Boise and surrounding communities however we can.
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